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Our Charolais Story

It all began with one Charolais heifer and inspiration from two legendary breeders. The legacy continues.

Our Bull Line Up

Quality runs deep and wide when you breed them to look and perform like peas in a pod. Check out our Bulls-Eye Target.

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We hold every calf to a standard from eye appeal to disposition and we hold ourselves to a standard to ensure customer satisfaction.

Sold on the Breed from the Get-Go

Our Gast Charolais Story  

Donnie Gast bought his first Charolais heifer in 1969, as a Freshman FFA project. He never looked back. Gast was sold on the breed, inspired by early Missouri Charolais breeders like Bob Spain and Jerry Litton.  The same year that Gast decided to blaze his Charolais trail, the breed itself was at the forefront of changing the cattle industry forever with its participation in type conferences that eventually led to the development of the new U.S. Feeder cattle grades. 

His first heifer and then some bulls purchased from friend and mentor Spain evolved into 300 mature cows, 40 bred heifers and another 100 open females at the Gast farm today. Through natural and artificial service, Gast and his uncle, the late Duane Gast, , built the herd.

Today, the team includes his wife Lori; business partner and owner of TMC Feeders in Scott City, Ks., Bob Thompson and ranch employees Carlos and Anna Augilar. 

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Our Bulls-Eye Target

“I’d rather eyeball the good prospects and see their proof in the real world instead of reading promises on paper.” — Donnie Gast

With semen from Hoodoo Land and Cattle Co. out of Cody, Wy., Gast Charolais designed the base of its herd in a rare purchase from that closed, and highly reputable herd.  Hoodoo daughters were flushed, then those cows and their daughters went back to Hoodoo breeding. The close family genetics and ongoing practice of line breeding have Gast Charolais bulls looking like peas in a pod and performing with equal excellence and uniformity.

Bulls for Sale

Our Bulls-Eye Target

*Purebred commercial Charolais and Rangefire (*Red Angus x Charolais) bulls

*Frame Score 6.5 to 7 for efficiency

*Bulls who weigh 1400-1600 lbs. at 20 months who are not pushed, but grown steadily so they will last longer

*Bulls built for Real World Performance with selection based on good prospects, not promises on paper

*Gentle disposition

*Long bodied, rugged, soggy & slick haired

Want proof in the pasture? Need direction for your herd? Want to increase profits? We can help you with that!

Push for Profit

Gast Charolais picks the cream of the crop on both the female and bull side of the equation. The selection is not based on EPDs or ultrasound, but noticeable performance and peer group ratios. Who makes the cut? Those with calves unassisted, who have good dispositions and obvious growth on fescue grass and in Missouri’s fickle and challenging environment.


At Gast Charolais, the commercial cattleman is always front of mind. That’s why our bulls are available private treaty. No middle man, no hype. Just you, us and the bulls. We know you are busy and time is fleeting, so we strive to be accommodating. Schedule a visit to the farm for a look when you’re ready. Can’t make the trip? No worries. We’re happy to provide herd  consultation or bull selection on behalf of our customers for just one herd sire, or in volume. And we bid on and assist with marketing our Bull Customers’ calves.


Our  backgrounding program came into existence as a result of purchasing some of our customers’ calves. We’ve discovered that the Charolais gain a little over a half pound more per head per day on 180 days than the black hided calves we’ve run in the same pasture. One summer we sent calves to the Flint Hills and had 280 Charolais crosses that gained 3.5 pounds per day on grass alone. The black calves barely gained 3 pounds. They don’t have to be black to make money, contrary to what people think. Those backgrounded calves get finished with Bob Thompson at TMC Feeders in Scott City, Ks. When finished, we have no trouble selling them right at the top of the market with everything else.


Bulls Available

Built for fescue country, bred for predictability and primed to go to work in your herd. 

Call today to head your herd in the “White” direction!

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Gast is Featured Breeder in The Midwest Cattleman

At the Crossroads, Gast Chooses Charolais

An historic win at the 1969 International Show in Chicago placed a Charolais cross steer as grand champion for the first time ever. Donald Gast tells writer Brenda Black the outcome solidified his own Charolais preference from that day forward.

“”That judge took a lot of flack for his choice.”

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Getting to know the breed and its benefits

This is what we do. It’s all we do. And we do it for you.

Check out the Missouri Charolais Assoc. 

Our own Donnie Gast serves as a Director.

 Great Reads About the Breed from AICA

Interested in carcass quality, the benefits of light colored cattle or just want to learn more about Charolais, visit Charolais USA.

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